by Skip

Breitbart has this riff on Paul Krugman commenting on a TEA Party sign, who believes that his Nobel Prize in economics means that the rest of us should believe that his expertise transfers to politics;

As it happens, I’ve recently had fairly extensive dealings with both our health care system and with the New Jersey DMV. In one case, I encountered vast amounts of paperwork, mind-numbing bureaucracy, and extremely frustrating delays. In the other, my needs were met quickly and politely.

So far, then, it’s DMV 1, private health system (and I have very good insurance) 0.

If this is the new Obamacare pitch, it’s going to need some work.


  • So, is this Paul Krugman, defender of Obama, Obamacare, and anything smacking of Big Government, finally realizing that Federalism actually works?   That something at the State level performs better than at a Federal level?
  • Or taking it in another road, given the complexity of Obamacare vs the relatively minor one of a DMV, is he advocating for a smaller Government reach and downsizing Obamacare?  After all, just WAIT until Federal bureaucrats get their claw totally into the insurance companies and supplant them.


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