Prepare for The Most Inaccurate Exit Polling…EVER!

by Steve MacDonald

The very thing that makes the race appear even remotely close between Obama and Romney will be multiplied today.  I’m talking about exit polling.  My guess is that the same people who do not want to admit that they will not vote for Obama before the election, will not admit they didn’t vote for him in an exit poll.

Exit polling will suggest a much tighter race, with early exit polling from the Blue Northeast giving a very false impression that Obama might actually be in a good position to win re-election.

But it is not to be.

Obama will lose big and the left will use the skewed misleading exit polls as an a excuse to cry and whine.  But it’s their own fault.  If they had not spent the past six years calling people racists, misogynists, tea-baggers and haters, (with the willing help of the lefty Gestapo media), people might be more open to telling them the truth.  But they can’t.  And they wont.

Obama loses still big, and with any luck he takes the Obama-Care supporting Democrat party with him.


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