OK, back to school – Vocab test!

by Skip

OK, something a bit lighter for the morning.  Do you know what these words mean?

  • Glabella (ever look in a mirror?)
  • Vagitus (no, get your minds out of the gutter)
  • Chanking (sorry, no teaser could I come up with)
  • Zarf (Z! not a B!)
  • Niggly Wiggly (no, not the convenience store)
  • Darkle (my favorite new word)
  • Souffle Cup (no, it is not what you think it is!)
  • Snollygoster (yes, it has something to do with a lack of principles)
  • Natiform (a warning not to get too behind)
  • Tintinnabulation (ding dongs)
  • Columella nasi (got what I’m smelling?

  • Columella nasi (got what I’m smelling?)
  • Rhinorrhea (snot nice)
  • Punt (No, not football and has nothing to do with water)
  • Jamais vu (over and over and over again)
  • Misophonia (keep it down, willya?)
  • Brannock Device (ignore part of the phrase “measure twice, cut once”)
  • River (hint: it’s not wet but is black and white)
  • Nurdle (shiny whites!)
  • The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon (my wife had this after buying our new (to us) car)
  • Collywobbles (the entire time the Youngest and Eldest were deployed)
  • Clover Mite (teeny-tiny!)
  • Keeper (as opposed to flapping around)
  • Frisson (chillin’)
  • Overmorrow (think Dorothy (sideways): “somewhere, over tomorrow…”)
  • Grawlix (thank God for Grawlix or the search engines would be rather unhappy…)
  • Rasceta (not QUITE the back of my hand…)
  • L’esprit d’escalier or “stairway wit” (this is TWICE that Seinfeld has come up!)


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