Notable Quote – Thomas Paine

by Skip

Another thought worth remembering; Thomas Paine wrote in his Revolutionary pamphlet, The American Crisis:

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

(H/T: Jim Bender)

There are many amongst us that may be thinking “why bother – the deck is stacked”.  Perhaps, perhaps not.  If not, and you do not try, then the other side wins by default and; what will your regrets be on that day?  If, on the other hand it is, but instead of discouragement you rally your spirits to rise to the call and those around you as well, then often, the deck that seems to be stacked turns out to be merely a house of cards.

It is your choice, and your will, that is of concern and is to be measured.  It is easy to be a patriot when the sun is shining and the wind is at your back, but difficult indeed when the political winds howl against you and send shivers through your sinews and marrow.  Our nation needs you – our Founding Fathers and all those that have sacrificed all are now watching and calling out to you – “what will you do?  Who will you be”?  Will you stand up for the philosophy that we are sovereign and free individuals, or will you bow down to the “inevitable” crush that seems to be the foreign spawned Progressive movement?

How will you be measured by your grand kids – what will YOUR legacy be?

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  • KenEyring

    Amen, Skip!

  • Kevin Kervick

    I’m with you Skip. Take a look at Ron Paul’s farewell address if you have not already.

  • Sam Adams

    Skip, I agree, but the people in the freedom movement are all over the place. They like to argue vs learning, they like their little pet ndaa or patriot act dislikes vs everyday local usurption. The tea party which I joined eventually wanted to continue wars and project America as the hammer of the world. The freedom movement thinks Income is wage compensation and we all should pay our fair share. People don,t care what a Bill of Attainer is, and that their family is being extorted on the road at the threat of a gun. Freedom starts at home, or hometown, county and state. If we can,t straighten out basic violations of commons rights [no less know that we are being violated daily], how can we straighten out or attempt to fix this country? Ron Paul said Americans need Virtue, and we have lost our Virtue. He said the wrongs in the country can,t be fixed til we find Virtue, our inner strenght and courage, which will give us our outer strength. Christains can only have 1 One master, we can,t survive serving 2 or more masters. Never render onto a evil Ceasar, we must reject him and remove him and install a just and holy Ceasar. Legislature and Excutive along with Judicial doing bill of attainers on our citizens must stop, and we have to start there. Constitution states there shall be no Bill of Attainers in America. Govt employees are our servants, and its up to us to fire them or make them comply. This is what Clint Eastwood and Ron Paul are trying to make the population understand, its our Country, but freedom isn,t free its a daily chore, esp since were 100 years behind on doing much.

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