Notable Quote – Sir Winston Churchill

by Skip

“All men are created equal,” says the American Declaration of Independence.

“All man shall be kept equal,” say the British Socialist Party.

– Sir

Winston Churchill, Lord of the Admiralty, Prime Minister of Britain during WW II

It seems that the American electorate has forgotten history, and has chosen to align itself with the British Socialist Party.  How Freedom has been degrated by our Education System for ceasing to teach our children that Equality before the Law is superior, which can lead to disparate outcomes (as we are not all equal to talent and motivation) than the bondage of forced equal outcome.

For the latter irretrievably, for all of appearance of equality and the soothing words of those “giving” it to you, is truly a lessening of Freedom and a maximizing of control of you by others

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  • allen

    this one may or may not be true, and I’ve heard different variations on it from different sources….but it definitely sounds like him…..

    Winston Churchill and Labour Party Prime Minister Clement Attlee encountered one another at the urinal trough in the House of Common’s men’s washroom. Attlee
    arrived first. When Churchill arrived, he stood as far away from him as possible. Attlee said, “Feeling standoffish today, are we, Winston?” Churchill said: “That’s right. Every time you see something big, private, and works well, you want to nationalize it.”

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