Notable Quote – George Will

by Skip

On yesterday “This Week”, George Will had this to say in a retort to Dem stratgist Donna Brazile concerning the “Fiscal Cliff” that our “elected employees” have created for all of us with automatic spending cuts across the board, especially on the military, and Obama tax hikes (after all, if 10 year old tax cuts can be referenced by Dems as “Bush’s”, I can refer to the attempt to let them lapse as Obama’s):

Look, the arithmetic is simple. If you cap at $25,000 the available deductions, you raise $1.2 trillion. That’s a lot of money. If you cap it at $50,000, you raise about as much money as you would raise by letting the Bush tax rates expire. I don’t think that’s a problem.

 You showed the clip a moment ago of Patty Murray saying, as a negotiating ploy, go off the cliff. Let me give you another theory. For 40 years, the Democratic Party’s activist base has had two goals: substantial tax increases and substantial defense cuts. Going off the cliff implements the Democratic Party’s agenda.

 And the Dems keep squawking about who is ideological?

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