Notable Quote: Does ‘Policy’ Make Matters Worse?

by Steve MacDonald

Edmund BurkeHaving entered a protest against all objections from these quarters I may the more freely inquire, from history and experience, how far policy has contributed in all times to alleviate those evils which Providence, that perhaps has designed us for a state of imperfection, has imposed; how far our physical skill has cured our constitutional disorders; and whether it may not have introduced new ones, curable perhaps by no skill.

-Edmund Burke


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  • C. dog e. doG

    Perhaps you could edify: what is with all this policy mumbo jumbo? Should not the constitution suffice? Seems like policy is gov code-speak for non-constitutional ambitions of current junta. Perhaps I’m missing the finer nuances of how to carve a turkey sophist?
    – C. dog

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