New Hampshire’s Constitutional Questions

by Steve MacDonald

Tomorrow you can decide some things that will change your New Hampshire State constitution.  Media outlets and others who object have been actively trying to make them as confusing as possible, so as a public service, we’re here to help.

Question 1 asks if you would like to keep the Legislature from taking taxes directly from your paycheck.  New Hampshire has never taxed your paycheck before, although progressives have tried repeatedly to do so in the past, and will continue to try in the future.  Passing Question 1 empowers you to prevent them from trying to do so.  It is an historical act of a legislature to limit itself, so if you like the idea of keeping a line item off your check stub that takes money and gives it to Concord before you even see it, you want to vote Yes on Question 1.

Question 2 fixes a change that was made years ago which allowed unelected judges to create rules with the force of law.  This is a direct violation of the separation of powers.  Only your elected legislature can write rules with the force of law, and these must pass both Houses, and then be signed by the governor, or if the governor objects survive a veto override before having the force of law.   This prevents the arbitrary abuse of power by unelected members of your state government.

Question 3 asks if you believe we need a constitutional convention.  Some folks would like to convene a little gathering to make some other changes to the state constitution.  I am voting no.  We can debate the why’s and what for’s in comments but I do not feel the need to hold one.

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