New Hampshire Democrats Stick With What Doesn’t Work

by Steve MacDonald

The New Hampshire Democrat House Majority has chosen their previous Democrat House Sepaker Terie ‘Billion Dollar Deficit‘ Norelli as their new Speaker for the 2013-2014 session.  This is good for lots of reasons. Deficits, spending, taxes, accounting gimmicks, bathroom remodels, bathroom bills, and a dedication to back-benching and marginalizing anyone who does not pull the lever for her far-left agenda.

As a blogger, I couldn’t be happier.  Nothing makes my hobby easier than the likes of Terie Norelli.  I look forward to watching her repeat the same mistakes again.

Of course this time around she doesn’t have a completely compliant Democrat majority Senate to help cover her tracks.  She has a slim and squishy potentialy compliant Republican majority in the Senate, with whom she may have to barter a bit.  How much barter, as well as what the GOP willingly gives up, remains to be seen.

My suggestion to the New Hampshire Senate is to grow a set, stand firm, and prepare yourselves to block everything Norelli sends you, starting with what will very likey be a crappy Hassan State budget built on lousy and inaccurate revenue projections, only made worse by the proclivites of the tax and spenders in the House.

While I could say I envy you your opportunity to use everything Norelli sends your way as a free and endless vehicle for press conferences, news reports, and teaching moments about how Democrats just want to grow government on the backs of taxpayers in a down economy, I plan on doing that myself whether you choose to or not.

Including you in that coverage depends on you, but I have a sneaking suspicion that like most moderate-establishment GOPers in NH you’ll let them own you in the press, define all the arratives, and ride roughshod over you like they did in 2012.  And if that is the case then you’ll get no quarter from me.

But if just one of you can gather the GOP State Senate caucus and stand firm on principle, if just one of you can pick up the muddied banner from the battlefield and draw a line in the granite…and get all 13 Republicans to stand with you, that would be all that is needed to protect the state from two more years of left wing foolishness.

None of their political victories would mean a damn thing.

We could win, without having won.

We could keep the New Hampshire Advantage on life support until 2014.

But who will pick up the banner.  Who will stand for liberty?

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