“Less take-home pay” – Well, THAT didn’t take long now, did it?

by Skip

“Less take-home pay”; Tim listed another things that the Democrats now “own” based on their election results.  Here in NH, Maggie “The Red” Hassan (the NH Governor-elect) is about to be sorely tempted to immediately sign a bill to institute a broad-based income tax.  NH Families for Education (“dedicated to advocating family involvement in education”) (emphasis mine):

House Democrat Introduces Legislation for an Income Tax

Remember when Democratic candidates were pledging not to pass an income tax? Well, forget that promise! They now want an income tax to pay for education.


Title: establishing a one percent personal income tax to fund chartered public schools. Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Sullivan

Education Tax Credits (2013-H-0190-L) Title: relative to education tax credits Sponsor: (Prime) Peter Sullivan

Rep. Sullivan is a Democrat who voted against the original education tax credit bill that passed in the last session. He will likely ask to eliminate education tax credits (LSR 190), if he can’t get his income tax (LSR 191).

57% of New Hampshire voters not only voted against an income tax, but in favor of a Constitutional Amendment to prevent an income tax from ever being enacted. Only days later, the Democrats are already pushing an income tax.

The public sector union officials are backing the Democrats every year, even manning the polls with union members at taxpayer expense. Tuesday was “payback,” according to a few public employees. With taxpayer funded lobbyists, it’s hardly surprising.

The new NH House Reps haven’t even been sworn in yet and the effort to get the income tax in is already started.  This isn’t a Democrat “helping” alternative education and fostering a better environment for parents to make the decisions for their children.  It is clear that this is yet a different camel nose under the tent to get that income tax into NH.

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