Leadership and Humility – Ovide, We Salute You

by Mike

Tuesday November 6th, Executive Court, Manchester, NH.
The mood was somber as Ovide delivered a brief concession speech to his disappointed supporters. After the large turnout and easy victory in the primary, and after the sustained efforts of thousands of conservatives, including primary opponent, Kevin Smith, it was stunning to see the margin of defeat in the general election by the leader of the party of irresponsible spending. Thankyou Ovide and Betty for your hard work and sacrifices on behalf on NH’s citizens. NH has missed a great opportunity to keep state government under control and to rebuff the encroachments of the federal leviathan. A class act vs a crass act.

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    Ovide’s a smart guy and a decent human being. Too bad he had to say he’d govern like “Scott Walker on steroids.” And too bad he threw his own kids under the bus ’cause they were adopted. The majority of voters in NH aren’t buying the Uber-Catholic, socially-conservative right-wing ideological meme these days.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Too bad flute boy doesn’t go back to VerteMont and bring his merry band of adult-diapered chilt’ren with him.
      – C. dog regrets what should be

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