It’s NEVAH too early to start the next Prez campaign, eh?

by Skip

From a story in Politico, some names of the Republican “front runners?” (geeze, did I really just type that?) for the 2016 campaign.  OK, amuse me – pick your favs and vote once per day!

Your choice for “front runner” for the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee? free polls 

I also noted this from the “Establishment” from the Politico’s story:

This all might seem premature — and a possible big-time distraction for a Party that lost the presidency and Senate and House seats this time around. But top Republican officials are encouraging the never-ending presidential campaign in hopes of creating influential national voices beyond Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. “On every conference call, the message is the same,” one top official said. “We’re going to push out our new generation of leadership. We’re not going to sit back and let the extreme voices define what it means to be a conservative.”

Extreme – there’s that word again.  Dontcha just love to hear that from the Democrats – and then from your own Party as well?  Doesn’t it just warm the cockles of your heart, you who believe that the Constitution, you know, stands for something, should mean something?  That the Elites want to do for the word Conservative what the Democrats did to the word “Liberal”? What does it say then the Elites of the Party look at themselves and go “what a good am I” simply for having an “R” next to their name?

I just don’t know whether to ignore them or smack them.  Hmmm, maybe I oughta just reverse that order – would that work for me?





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