Is Kelly Ayotte Just Another White Meat Racist?

by Steve MacDonald

It is quite obvious from these remarks by New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte that she prefers white meat at Thanksgiving, why else try to put a hold on the nomination of UN Embarrasador Susan Rice as a potential replacement to Hillarity Clinton?

Yeah, she has these facts about Rice misleading the American people on Benghazi (on every Sunday morning talk show), and we know the Administration was trying to deny-hide-obscure the inevitable truth, but since when did that mean anything?  The electorate didn’t give enough of a damn.  Besides, any day now the New York Times, the Trib,  or some left-wing-race-pimp-talking-head-goober at PMSNBC will declare that ‘Benghazi’ is a code word for racism, that it proves white Republicans hate black people, and that will be the end of that and the beginning of Susan Rice as Secretary of State.

Until then, we have this…

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