Guest post by Ed Naile, Chair of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers: A note to out-of-state Property Owners – Vote!

by Skip

Ed Naile, long time registered Democrat and ‘Grok friend, asked us to publish this.  Given that out-of-state student “residents” took full advantage of the new Voter ID law and the Judge Lewis’s ruling on it, you should as well.  After all, you pay taxes here – they only take advantage of the taxes spent.

Dear Non-resident, domiciled NH property tax payer:

Due to a recent decision by Superior Court Judge John Lewis, you are provided a unique opportunity to save property tax dollars at the local level here in NH.

According to the new definition of the term “Domicile” your property in New Hampshire allows you to vote by absentee ballot and still keep your residence in the state in which you currently reside.

New Hampshire college students have the ability to use college dorms and rental properties as “Mobile Domiciles” while keeping their drivers license in the state in which they reside, Judge Lewis having redefined the words domicile and residence.

Our suggestion to you is that you pay close attention to any bond votes in your “mobile domicile” here in NH and help us defeat unnecessary school, construction, and equipment bonds that bind NH taxpayers into long term financial agreements.

You can have a tremendous effect on your mobile domicile NH property tax and not have to attend the annual meetings in person.

Your vote WILL be critical in the upcoming local town and school elections.

Activists in your community will monitor proposed spending and notify you of critical votes you can be involved in by absentee ballot.

Recent elections in NH saw a huge increase in same-day registration and absentee ballot voting. We would like to take advantage of the recent change in the law.

Please register the next time you visit your mobile domicile here in NH.

Work with us to keep the NH property taxes low.

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