Franklin NH – The Most Expensive Voter Checklists in the State?

by Steve MacDonald

I just got confirmation that the clerk for Franklin New Hampshire requires not just $75.00 for the complete citywide voter checklist used for the election, but another $75.00 for the updated checklist after all the new names have been added.

My udder is sore just thinking about it.  Is this where I say that having to pay $150.00 is udderly ridiculous?

OK.  I don’t have an udder, but if I did I’d be demanding udder-rights.

I think Franklin should be providing that list for no more than $27.00.  I’d even go so far as to say that $27.00 for each version is not excessive, though it kind of is.  But $150.00 dollars?  I should be able to get non-public documents from the clerk for that kind of money.

So how many citizens does the Franklin Clerk’s exorbitant document fee exclude from access to what are supposed to be public documents?  I think we have a right to know that.  Of course, if we want to know in Franklin, we’ll have to pay through the udder to find out.


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  • nhsteve

    Looks like Nashua is more costly as it has been raping people for 241.00 for their list. They must be charging 25.00 per ward plus the .50/1000 in each.

    We need to get a bill into the legislature to put a limit on this. These are public documnets. You can’t price people out of access to them.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Steve, why not bring copy machines right to the clerk’s office and set up 4th branch of government right there in the center of the hive? Black and whites at 5¢/page sure beats these prices. Just remember to turn the color option off.
    – C. dog, The cheapskate

    • Van

      Haven’t got my check list in Bow yet. Waiting for a response back from our supervisor of the checklist.

  • Van

    Voter Checklist Suppression This is a public document and it shouldn’t cost anything to put the document on a supplied USB Flash Drive and get the Checklist electronically. Use the liberal logic that the only reason they charging these huge fees is to prevent people from reviewing the Checklist. These high fees are clearly Voter Checklist Suppression designed to discriminate against civic minded people who want to know how the worked.

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