Facebook Doodlings – So, Greg Carson, Secretary of the NH GOP is demanding “unity” – An interlude with Bill Whittle

by Skip

I have to admit – Facebook has nothing to do with this post – but the topic of this post does have much with the philosophy of that Part I post.  That said, let me allow Gntp NH from that FB thread set the stage for this absolutely spot on calling out of the Republican Elite / Establishment:

Voters respect consistency, principle, and fortitude, not to mention effective communication about the principles that are important. The GOP has failed on all fronts, and doesn’t even enforce its own party platform. Greg’s definition of “unity” is the same as Mitt Romney’s and John Sununu’s – “get on board with us, or go away”.

 Listen to Bill – if you are a grassroots activist, this will be one of the best 15 post-2012 election minutes you will ever spend:

It gets better and better the closer to the end he gets.  His summary of the Conservative (not Republican mind you, Conservative) versus what seems to be that of the Watermelon Greenies / deindustrial Socialists / “Out of many, still more “victim” identity grouped Democrats.  His spiel on Iranian installations, a la “leave us alone or…” is how our military should be used – sparingly, to protect Americans, and if used, use it for effect (and not for politics, with all due respect to Clauswitz).  His “I wasn’t handed 14 carrier battle groups by the American people to hold them in reserve for ‘some’ day”?

Yeah, what he said concerning terrorist attacks on Americans.  I like Niel Boortz’s tweet: #BillWhittleForPresident

(H/T: Powerline via Instapundit)

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