EPIC Early Turnout in Merrimack New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald

Moving to one polling location cannot begin to account for the massive voter turnout in Merrimack this morning.  Huge parking areas and no place to park–unless you want to walk a mile.   A line outside the school several hundred feet long–that’s before the line inside and then the line to check in and then the line to get a booth to vote in.

Then there’s the cars looking for spaces to park.

EPIC turnout. And this is at 7am.  People came early and lined up, standing in the cold to wait to vote.  We’ve had entire elections in our town with fewer votes than the number of people I saw just this morning.

So the 16 trillion dollar question is…for whom?  Merrimack is a very Republican town.  If that turnout continues through the day we may see a record number of registered voters in my town actually vote.  And my gut tells me it is not for Barack Obama’s weak economy and the marketing scheme they are trying to pass off as their next four-year agenda.

Time will tell.


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