Democrat vote fraud in Florida?

by Tim Condon

U.S. Rep. Allen West won’t back down, and that’s both a very good thing and a very ugly thing…because his fight will expose that there was clearly and obviously extensive vote fraud committed by Democrats in his race. It could be mere stupidity and incompetence…but the army of lawyers who the Democrat candidate fielded to prevent a recount suggests otherwise. Why do I think massive vote fraud occurred? It’s actually pretty obvious…

as columnist John Fund explains. In fact, it’s not even denied by the other side…even while they work to make sure no recount occurs. So where does that leave us? If the voting system cannot be guaranteed to be fair—and it cannot, because Democrats in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Florida, to name only a few obvious states, benefit immensely from the vote fraud they regularly practice—then have we become some kind of fake democracy? And in that case, what’s the point? Window-dressing? As used by communist and Latin American dictators like Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and others?


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