Decay Point: Dissolve Detroit…

by Scott Morales

Desolation, desperation, and delusion have swept over the Motor City for decades, constantly wearing down the streets, buildings, and the people.  So, it comes as no surprise that talks of its dissolution ring out through the desiccated city like the hollow, rusty clang of a muffler finally falling from a car, resting on cinder blocks, onto a rippled driveway, riven by weeds and tufts of tall grass and stretching to a boarded up, graffiti riddled hovel.

Detroit CBS Reports:

“…the idea of dissolving the fiscally struggling city of Detroit and absorbing it into Wayne County is being tossed around in Lansing”

I’m not really sure how one goes about dissolving a city or exactly how it differs from bankruptcy, but I can’t imagine that it’ll be painless for the people who live there.  I wonder if Wayne County will refuse to “absorb” certain areas.  I mean after all, just last month a NBC News headline read, “Visit Detroit at your own risk, police union warns“. If you lived in Wayne County, would you want to absorb and pay for all of Detroit? And could you afford it, even if you wanted to? A more accurate question may be, do you suspect that there will be some parts that are simply ignored so long as what’s contained therein doesn’t infect the rest of the county? And what happens to those parts? No-go zones? Secession by atrophy?

What was it they used to say? As General Motors goes, so goes the nation?


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