Chasing the Equality Rabbit Down the Democrat’s Debt Hole

by Steve MacDonald

Even if it does not appear obvious, even to the casual observer, once government gets started on something it is difficult to get it to stop. So where exactly do we expect the Democrats notions of state managed economic leveling to take us?  Their talk of economic equality centers on the idea that the government not only knows what “is” the best idea of equality but that it can actually deliver it.

Let us assume, even for just a moment, that this can be done at all.  Does anyone in that group of believers think that the government can make us all rich?  Can the government even regulate and tax into existence a nation of middle income householders of adequate means?

To answer this consider the arc of recent spending.  Since 2006 when Democrats took congress, we have added almost seven trillion in debt.  Since Mr. Obama took the White House,we have added six trillion of that. So in just a few years the Democrat party–the people who claim they can deliver economic equality–have added 40% to the national debt.  Forty Percent.

Are things better, more economically equal?

As I write this around 23 million people can’t find a decent job.  Those in need of food stamps are at record levels.  Poverty is at an all time high.  All in spite of the six or seven trillion in new spending debt above all the other spending we actually could pay for.  Is it not obvious that the only economic equality that government can deliver is equality of misery? And generational misery at that.

Progressives do not see this, progressive Republicans do not see it much, most Democrats are completely blind to it.  They have this untouchable irrational faith in the power of the state to do things it is incapable of.  And they will continue to try and spend other peoples money to achieve the answer to the question of what is economic equality if we let them.   They will pile on regulations and consult ‘experts’ and make laws and raise taxes and as the sand keeps slipping through their fingers it will be few and far between among Democrats and those on the center and left who advocate for this scheme who see that it is they who are making matters worse.   And it is this blindness that makes them unsuitable for any public office.

Government cannot make you rich, nor can it make you comfortable.  It can only prevent you from trying to achieve that on your own.  And it will.  If you let it.

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