Blogline of the Day – from Gold Rush

by Skip

Mother of Parker Schnabel (18 year old gold mine operator) upon being asked if she was happy with the condition of his room at her home:

You know, I’ve said to Roger, you know, c’mon, we can’t get our child to clean his room!  Like what have we done wrong? What do we do, take away the keys to the excavator now?  You can’t gold mine anymore until your room is clean?

OK, I watch reality shows.  Why?  Most of the “old” network shows have very little interest for me – in attempts to be “hip” and up to day, they weave the current news and politics into their shows – and mixing that with the typical Left bent of Hollywood means that folks like me get slammed over and over again.  A lot of folks keep saying about political parties “I didn’t leave them, they left me”. In this case, yesteryear’s Hollywood may have had a more conservative outlook but today’s can be downright insulting to half their audience; they didn’t leave me – they told me they don’t want me.

Yes, there are a number of reality shows that are rigged or staged – I get that and I get the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle with respect to humans too.  But Gold Rush,  the show about gold mining in Alaska, does seem to be one of those that is what you see: just get ordinary folks, some with “larger” character than others, trying to fulfill the American Dream – work hard, go all in, stick to it, hope for a bit of luck, and then (in this case) strike it rich.  While working as a voluntary team, it is obvious that individual effort counts for much.

How many Moms get to even ask that question????

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