As Obama continues his quest to “perfect us” – our food is next

Obama: “and a union that could be and should be perfected over time. “

From the Washington Examiner comes news that while Moochella has “improved” our kids school lunches, he’s wanting to “perfect” our eating habits – or pay for it:

“I think there is no question that the way Americans eat and what Americans weigh is a big contributor to health problems and it’s a big contributor to health costs,” Summers said on Morning Joe today. It’s not the agenda now, but I think at some point you’re going to see tax measures and regulatory measures that are going to be directed at helping people be healthier. That’s just going to happen and I think it’s probably a good thing when it does.”

 Summers this agenda to anti-cigarette policies. “[J]ust as we have over time done things with respect to tobacco that are very constructive and that are saving hundreds of thousands of people’s lives, that kind of agenda is going to come to other aspects of public health, including the way people eat,” he said.

As we have seen here in NH, the cigarette tax has nothing to do with making people healthier – the Dems were all agog that the Republicans cut a revenue source (the wails about keeping them out of kids hands was much more subdued).  After all, Dems are infamous for using such taxes for “important” issues like health and education.  Why then, would they put them into a hostage situation when the “intended” purpose is to make NH a smoke free environment (“hey, look at us – we perfected more people by getting them to stop smoking!”).

Remember, Denmark instituted such a tax on “unhealthy” food – and then repealed it when it just didn’t work.  Obama?  Maggie “the Red” Hassan?  Yeah, they’ll do it under the rubric of “helping” (yet another case of Socialist absconding with our language: this is not helping, this is a command “you will – or pay us”).  for them, this will be just another revenue source to be milked for ever and ever.

After all, they have to “perfect” our union, and what better way is with them using our money against our own wishes? Shaheen, Shea-Porter, Kuster, Ayotte – I’m afraid that the only one that understands “Liberty” will be the last.  The other three chuckleheads won’t or don’t understand that we didn’t elect them to eat our peas and pass on the Big Gulp.