And I was Hoping for a Day Off…

by Steve MacDonald

Nothing tastes quite like defeat but nothing creates blog material like Democrats.  (I’d have preferred the day off but that was apparenlty not meant to be.)

So here we go again.  I expect the 2016 election to start any moment now…

By the way.  Some libertarians are taking credit for the GOP not being able to win without them.  Note to those libertarains.  That would actually mean you helped Obama win.  (Hassan, Lasky, Gilmore, Shea-Porter, McKluster etc…?)  I don’t happen to think you had any meaningful affect at all, personally.  The difference in New Hampshire (at least) was not slight. Romney may even have won the popular vote nationally–though I have only hear-say on that point.  But as the results unfold I’ll be happy to give you some credit if that will make you feel like you mattered.  I know how sensitive you folks are about your movement.

Next: That bitter Tea narrative seems to have worked.

New Hampshire gets Shaheen 2.0 with Governor Hassan.  Two years of that should be enough to elect a Republican Governor.  The Pelosi twins (SEIU-Porter and An McKluster) are going to DC –Bass got beat bad and Guinta go the boot.  (Message to line toeing moderate Republicans….if you act like Democrats the voters will replace you with some.   But the Congress remains gridlocked so Mr. Obama will be executing executive orders to finish what he started.

The New Hampshire State House results are still not known to me at this early hour but given all else that I have seen they cannot be great.  I suspect the Senate is a mess.  But hey, Peter Bragdon ran unopposed so he’ll have plenty of like-minded legislators to talk to the lobbyists with.

The Telegraph has a headline: New Hampshire Exit Poll- Economy tops concerns. I did not read the article but seeing as we’ve got all these Democrats running around again, what kind of economy is it that they are looking for?

More later.  Much more.  That is, after all, why we are here.

No.  I am not going away.  I am just getting started.



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