About That Chairman of the NHGOP Works For Free Thing…

by Steve MacDonald

half mast GOP FlagAnyone ever wonder what possible advantage there might be to keeping the job of Republican Party Chairman of New Hampshire as an unpaid position?  I’m sure there are people with a pat answer but I have a theory.

Seems to me that this would guarantee that only well-connected, moderate party insiders could ever hold the job.  People who’ve earned it instead of people who’d actually work for their paycheck.  People who have to know people to raise any money as opposed to someone who would raise money like their paycheck depended on it.  Hardly what I’d call a governing conservative principle, passing the job along like a crown because the only people who can afford to do it don’t need the money it might otherwise pay were it a paid position.

And having delegates vote for the chairman only seems to work if the people who hand off the crown like the person they voted for.

The only guy elected to the job recently, who coincidentally was not a well-connected moderate party insider, was thrown out by the other well-connected party insiders in a coup–the end result of which was the promotion of a prominent party insider and another Cullen-esqe NHGOP collapse.   (Yes, Sununu did well, but he was more the beneficiary of a TEA Party wave election against Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Inc that would have occurred with or without him–and he still failed to get a GOP governor–so disregarding that one outlier….how about we try something different.)

You know what they say.  “Doing the same thing and expecting different results…?”

I think the NHGOP EC and the delegates need to toss out the crown and agree to pay the next chairman.  Then they should reach out to every energetic qualified candidate willing to vie for the job and get them on the ballot.   Then let the delegates vote.  And let the vote stand.


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