Aaron Goldstein Meets Norwegian Journalist

by Mike

From the Spectacle Blog, Aaron Goldstein messes with a Norwegian Socialist media type:

As I exited the Dunkin’ Donuts in Boston’s Seaport District this morning, I was approached by an attractive middle-aged, female newspaper reporter from Norway (along with her photographer) who wanted to know the three biggest challenges facing “the new President”.

After reminding her that President Obama wasn’t exactly new, I told her the three biggest challenges were the deficit, the Middle East and his ego.

I’ll see if I get hate e-mail from Norderhov.

Priceless! (emphasis mine)

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  • Tim from Nashua

    Unfortunately, she, and a majority of the voters must suffer from short-term memory loss.
    Still hard to believe that the voters forgot how bad the last 4 years were, and voted for more of it. The Einstein Definition of Insanity.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Tim, you’re missing the Giant Leap Forward, this is what the hamsters want: dependency. And nothin’ says Depends like a lifelong extension umbilical chord to Mommy State – comfort and joy just in time for the imminent holiday season!
      – C. dog

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