A last thought for this evening

by Skip

Fox News just called it: Obama has been re-elected.

Will we be?

“Some New Criterion stalwarts congregate to ponder the future of the land of the free and home of the brave:  will it continue to be free?  Will we continue to be brave?”

Freedom (TRUE Freedom) requires self-responsibility, self-restraint, delayed gratification, and self-reliance. True Freedom is when *I* get to decide – and not Govt telling me what I can decide.  I despair – it seems that Romney’s 47% remark for which he was excoriated by the Obamabots is true – Obama’s entire message was “We give you stuff – they will take stuff away from you” (just consider expanded welfare and the “free” stuff in Obamacare (and let’s not forget about free Obamaphones) added to the message that, when you boil it down “Romney is an evil person”.  Grift, Graft, and Bribe mixed with an unholy dash of Alinsky organizing “demonization of The Other”.

And this:   http://washingtonexaminer.com/95-blacks-say-feds-should-provide-jobs/article/2512739#.UJnWaYbJpl8

Providing an 11th hour clue to how blacks will vote on the presidential stage, 95 percent of African Americans believe that the federal government should be the nation’s jobs creator, according to a last-minute battleground poll.

Have govt do more – centralize the entire economy.  How does that square with polls that say that government does too much?

I fear that we have now become a nation in which character no longer counts for much – only what one can lobby for at the expense of others (and not caring that it is at the expense of others).  In this case, how do the Feds become job creators except via govt jobs?  Thus gives a clue:

AndrewCMcCarthy Face facts: Can’t keep confidently saying ‘This is a center-right country.’ Cede institutions to Left for 50 yrs, get different country.

If tonite is the tipping point, we have just seen the philosophy of our government go from one that was tasked in protecting our Rights given to us by our Creator to one where Government doles out, not just those Rights, but everything else (as long as you have the lobbying juice to do it).  Coarsening of the culture, losing the pop culture, and the complete takeover by the Left of the Arts, Educational, and Media (with a lessening of religious / moral values) – and we should be surprised?

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