A disheartened question from a reader – why?

by Skip

Skip – why is it union members can go on strike, and then collect unemployment, medicaid, etc. Not only did the union members loose, but so did all their non-union co-workers. I might be tempted to pay a few union leaders a visit – for dinner of course.

 Whatever happened to – you work, you eat – you don’t, you won’t?

I’ll say it – the infamous 47%?  The ObamaPhone Dole recipient?  What is really being asked is “why are those that are responsible for killing off  Hostess (re: Twinkies and Wonderbread) be subsidized for their “failure decision?”  There is more than a little indignation in the question – and one that I believe is deserved in why do they not suffer the consequences of their own decision – why do the rest of us have to?  My response back was this:

When people discovered that they could pass laws that mitigated their bad decisions; now, socialising what used to be a personal or family cost is considered “a Right”.

My opinion?  This is not a union problem, a labor problem, a debt problem, a management problem, or an application of basic economics lesson – it is a lesson in morality.  Personal morality, in several different venues.

Think about it.

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