View this from the phrase: “The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen”; Democrats gunning for a Limited Government Warrior

It looks that ‘Grok friend, Mark Warden, has been put under the gun sights of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (from Blue Hampshire, emphasis mine), an out of state Democrat organization whose only purpose is to get BIG Govt Democrats elected to State Houses (gee, and I keep hearing that Democrats are forever railing against “outside money” – until it suits their purpose like all the gay money that came in to first get civil unions passed in NH and then had that replaced by gay marriage) :

New Hampshire House District 39 (Hillsborough)
Aaron Gill
(Grassroots pick)
Status: Republican Incumbent

Why this Race Matters: Unlike the New Hampshire House’s many multi-member House races, Hillsborough District 39 is a one-on-one matchup featuring Democratic community banker and Deering Conservation Commission officer Aaron Gill, who faces an incumbent Republican who moved to the state as part of the so-called Free State Project, which encourages Libertarians to move to New Hampshire in order to remake that state’s government in the image of Libertarian Party ideology. (The project targets New Hampshire, specifically, because of its relatively small electorate.) The outcome of this race could show whether conservative-leaning districts like this one are “in play” for New Hampshire Democrats, as well as whether the Free State Project’s unique brand of conservatism has staying power among normal New Hampshire voters.

Well, well, well .  For all of the fulminations by the Democrats the last few years, railing against “the banksters” (remember, the Dems were all in for Occupy Wall Street bashing the banking 1% and have always blamed the banks for causing the financial crisis).

So, the DLCC (as well as the NH Dem Party) is setting this up as a Progressive / BIG Government candidate vs a Limited Govt / BIGGER Citizen legislator.  We continue to see the redefinition of the Proper Role of Government:

  • Original intent: A limited Govt that simply sets a “floor” on which sovereign citizens stand and then acts as a dispassionate umpire that allows Civil Society and Individuals to find their own vision of what happiness is for them.
  • Progressive redefinition: An “enlightened” Big Government that maternalistically “guides” its wards subjects citizen through a complicated life they cannot understand via regulations and taxes based on “preferred” behaviors that will yield (and demands) a “common Happiness”.

Our founders wanted a limited govt, a large Civil Society, and Free Individuals that requires a maximum of freedom and liberty for Individuals whose Rights stem from God (“our God and Nature’s God”).  Progressives want a Overarching Government that has enveloped and absorbed that Civil Society that does have a modicum of individual freedoms but only in a small subset of circumscribed freedoms that do not stem from a Higher Power but allowed by Governmental Rulers.

Aaron Gill represents the Progressive Democrats (Democrat Values); Mark Warden the limited Govt folks (which are more akin to NH Values).

Democrats see the limited Govt message of the Free State Project as an existential threat to their philosophy – they are absolutely scared of the idea that people can live their lives successfully without Government (“Government has to protect us from our own stupidity“).  They are really scared that people will actually try it and think “what the heck have we been taxed to death for”?  They are scared that de Tocqueville really was right, that Society can do all that goverment can, do it faster, do it cheaper, and then drop that project when it is no longer needed.

They are scared of losing power over other peoples’ lives.  It isn’t that they want to help people; they demand that people allow themselves to be helped by Progressive rules.  Mark Warden refuses to live by that (and neither do we at GraniteGrok).