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Obama.com – ‘Made In China’ – Part 2

Good catch, Steve. I’ve been waiting for this report to break. I happen to know that Project Veritas was trying to obtain proof of foreign donors, but hidden video recording is not the best method of catching stealthy donations made by ghostly program-driven clicks.

Stephen K Bannon (conservative film maker) and Peter Schweizer (conservative author) founded the Government Accountability Institute “TO INVESTIGATE AND EXPOSE CRONY CAPITALISM, MISUSE OF TAXPAYER MONIES, AND OTHER GOVERNMENTAL CORRUPTION OR MALFEASANCE.”

Well, they’ve done us proud, and carried out a really thorough investigation of the shadowy world of under-the-radar campaign contributions, pointing out how some campaign websites are designed to skirt under the FEC rules whereby donations less than $200 do not need to be publicly disclosed, and those under $50 require no donor record keeping whatsoever. What could possibly go wrong??

Credit card transactions can harvest your CVV (Card Verification Value) and cross-check your address: These features require a little more software work on the e-commerce website, but prevent fraud and result in lower fees from the credit card companies – EG more money for the campaign. What’s not to like, and why wouldn’t all campaigns use these features? Well, remember those unreported or even unrecorded transactions? Would it surprise you to know that Obama’s campaign is boasting this year, AS IT DID IN 2008, of record numbers of small donations from new donors?

Wonder where those huge numbers of small donors came from? As Steve points out, Obama.com is owned and operated by Robert Roche an ex-pat living in Shanghai, whose company just happens to be called “Acorn International”, and whose business depends on remaining in the good graces of the Chinese government. In spite of living in Shanghai, and having a business to run, Robert, who originates from Chicago (quelle surprise!) has visited the White House at least 19 times during Obama’s reign of error. And now the numbers: 68% of the traffic to obama.com originates outside the USA, and it redirects to the Obama campaign website. Not surprisingly, 43% of the traffic to BarackObama.com is from foreign IP addresses.

In addition to the obvious Manchurian Connection, sympathetic bloggers all around the world frequently post Obama fundraising emails, complete with links back to the mother ship for donations, and one of those recent emails just coincidentally asked for “$190, or whatever you can afford”. After a while, coincidences become a trend, and eventually, overwhelming evidence for intentional corruption. Listen to Schweizer and Bannon here on Fox and Friends:

Read their key findings here, and then read the whole report. There’s even an interactive page where you can find out if your rep is taking the same “risks” of foreign donations as Obama – ours seem to be clean.

Noteworthy – the Romney campaign, while not perfect, has the safeguards in place, and does not have the “hole in the middle” donation pattern that Obama’s emphasis on rich celebrities and untraceable peons causes.

Further noteworthy, those safeguards, much too cumbersome for BarackObama.com’s donation page, are in full force on their merchandise page – wouldn’t want foreigners buying Obama T-shirts, now, would we?