A possible Congressional seat pickup by a Repub in Arizona in a Dem leaning District?

From time to time, we get requests from other parts of the country to see if we’d give a little blog time to issues or candidates from far away from GrokLand here in NH.  We’re generally happy to do so, so Rob, here you go!  From a post from my blog friend Jim Hoft at GatewayPundit: Captain Jonathan Paton, running as a Republican, is unnerving the incumbent Democrat – Ann Kirkpatrick:

One of the reasons why?  Her “constituents” remember her walking out on them during the Town Halls where tons of people complained about Obamacare.  Yes, walked out.  Listen for the exclamations of “this was advertised as a Town Hall!” and “You’re our employee!” as she walk sauntered out the door – unwilling to listen and explain herself.

Nice touch “California car” from an Arizona based pol.  From the post:

Of course, this is a bad move on Kirkpatrick’s part… We now know that rural voters are swinging toward Romney by up to 60%! Her crystal ball must not be working.

Now emerging from this race is a clear sign of momentum for Republicans: Iraq War veteran Jonathan Paton, a real military hero who served his country in combat, is pulling ahead of Kirkpatrick in two public polls, even though the district has a 9% Democrat registration advantage!

Conservative rural Democrats are rejecting Kirkpatrick and Obama. In fact, The Arizona Republic now describes Kirkpatrick as having a “complete meltdown”.

The Democrats thought they had this seat in the bag after redistricting made this an open Democrat-leaning seat, but Jonathan Paton is hammering Kirkpatrick on her votes for the failed cronyist stimulus, Obamacare, and for her willingness to be a rubberstamp for President Obama.

This seat could be an unexpected pickup for Republicans in November, so make sure to check out Jonathan Paton’s website and consider sending a donation his way to help him cross the finish line!

Go ahead, make her nightmare!