So, Ed Mosca has a bug up his **s, eh?

Ed Mosca Blog LogoFull Disclosure #1: We endorsed Josh Youseff for NH State Senate District 7.

Full Disclosure #2: Ed Mosca, the lawyer for Josh Youseff’s ex-wife AND the Legal Counsel for Office of the NH Speaker of the House.

Full Disclosure #3: Ed used to write here at GraniteGrok.  Then he started his own site: The Ed Mosca Blog (and I was sorry to see him leave)

Full Whining Alert #1: STOP WHINING, Ed!  Pull on yer Big Boy pants and consider that you’ve put yourself into this situation.

A Manchester attorney has filed an election law complaint against Republican Senate candidate Josh Youssef, alleging that Youssef hijacked his personal blog to benefit his state Senate campaign.

In the complaint, Ed Mosca, who represents Youssef’s ex-wife in their contentious divorce, said he discovered late Monday that his blog had been duplicated onto another website and edited to appear that he was supporting Youssef’s Senate run.

The two blogs are virtually identical and share the same name: The Ed Mosca Blog. The real blog is at and contains Mosca’s biting commentary about Youssef’s alleged stonewalling in the former couple’s child support case. The phony blog is at and contains more than a dozen letters of support for Youssef’s campaign.

I think this is hilarious – kettle, black, pot.  It seems that Josh’s divorce has devolved into quite the screaming / hair pulling match. It happens, and it is unfortunate all the way around.  I’m no lawyer, but since Ed has decided to spill whole bunches of stuff about his legal representation of the ex-wife all over the blogosphere, and has done it during an election season, I have no pity at all for the “dirty” trick.

Frankly, I’ve laughed hard, as I have seen this before from both sides of the aisle.  This isn’t “dirty politics” – it is “pretty amusing” as it shows that somebody didn’t bother to do their homework and take care of details (like Dave Boutin lost control of his domain name simply because he didn’t pay the bill).  Phony blog?  Hardly – and the folks behind it (I REALLY don’t know who did it) should have kept it up (it has been taken down).

Full Whining Advice #1:

If you wish to put yourself  AND your client into the political sphere during election season BY BLOGGING ABOUT THE DIVORCE, don’t complain when political  people take note and ‘welcome” you.  It makes them look fairly smart and  you pretty stupid.