Bill Maher Made A Film That Mocked Islam

by Steve MacDonald

I never saw the movie (almost no one did) but according to the last 20 minutes of the Bill Maher angry-atheist-Christian bashing is free speech vanity film, Religulous, makes a “damning case against Islam.

Maher’s films tumbled in and out of theaters a few years back while–Osama was still above water–without any incident on the Arab street.  I guess it was so bad even al-Quaeda couldn’t sit through it long enough to be”outraged.

Maher, of course, donated one million dollars to Mr. Obama, thus John Nolte’s headline at Breitbart.

Anti-Islam film maker donated million dollars to Obama Campaign.

And that YouTube movie the administration and Democrats are blaming for the riots and deaths on September 11th…that has been around for at least six months.

But yeah.  Its gotta be the movie.

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