Pot Calling The Kettle Black?

by Steve MacDonald

Yesterday I reported on a the efforts of NH Right to life (NHRTL) to challenge the legality of Planned (non) Parenthood’s (PP) pharmacy licenses now that they are no longer receiving funding directly from New Hampshire Taxpayers for preventing families.  (see Will Planned Parenthood in NH Lose its Pharmacist Licenses). NHRTL claims that the exemption PP receives is only valid when state funding is present from NH Health and Human Services.  Since they claim state funding is not, they say the exemption no longer applies.

Well, over at RH Reality Check, (Reproductive & Sexual Health and Justice) Robin Marty covers the story with the headline…New Hampshire Right to Life Falsely Attacks Planned Parenthood.  Is she right?

Planned Parenthood argues that it does have a contract with the state’s department of health to administer vaccines, making it in fact a family planning clinic operating under contract with the state, so there is no issue.

I’m no lawyer, but if this is true then that sort of almost sounds like maybe they do have a contract that satisfies the requirements for pharmacy licenses.  If that is the case and it applies universally to all parts of the exemption process then I’d say PP is in no danger of losing it’s pharmacy license.  But maybe the complaint will lead to much needed clarifications, which will prevent future questions about the exemption, or if such an exemption should even exist; all things being equal, if you need a licensed pharmacist to dispense drugs, you should need one regardless of who you are or where your funding comes from.

But Ms. Marty still makes a good point and I thank her for that bit of news,  but I will still take issue with the word “attacks,” in her headline.  Where exactly did they “attack” Planned Parenthood?  We don’t know and she doesn’t say.  We do know, however, that Ms. Marty might have a historical memory hole problem about abortion and legal challenges when she closes the piece with this.

I guess if you can’t beat them, file legal complaints against them.

I should not need to explain why that is so damn funny.



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