Notable Quote – Sultan Knish

by Skip

The essential 21st Century conflict is between the rationers and the producers. This is not a class conflict, that is the fallacy that the left has fallen into for over a century. It is a conflict between a system of bureaucratic collectivism and a society of individuals. It is not a conflict between the rich and the poor, the majority of the rationers are either rich or close enough to it. Their charges may be poor, but the representatives of their victim groups invariably become rich. The rationer camp is funded by some of the wealthiest men and companies in America who agree with its premise that we need to ration everything from children to jobs to food to carbon emissions.

– Sultan Knish (aka, Daniel Greenfield)

(H/T: Maggie’s Farm via LinkiestGo read the entire post by Sultan)

Again, GO READ THAT POST!  This is the decision point of this election: a free productive society vs a managed rationing society.


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