NH Democrat Policies On Voter ID and Domicile Still Matter…Here’s Why. (Part 2)

Back in 2000, as many as 1700 UNH students illegally registered to vote in Durham, New Hampshire, and very likely voted here illegally as well.   We know this because in 2001 more than a few UNH students requested that they be removed from the voter checklist in writing, using uncharacteristically similar wording, as if prompted to do so by someone in New Hampshire who did not want to prosecute them, so they could “properly register in their own home towns.”  (Copies of these written requests are on file with the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, signed by each of the students who submitted them.)

So here we have admitted evidence of vote fraud in one college town in one year, but not prosecuted.   Just like Governor Lynch’s so-called awesome (and impossibly low) High School drop out rate, if you want to make something go away without actually doing anything about it, you ignore it, hide it, re-define it, or simply find enough people who might benefit from it to make it legal.

And while stuffing local ballot boxes with the votes of out of state residents was not new, making it legal made it easier for Democrats to continue to get the votes while reducing significant neck strain from state officials and Democrat party hacks having to look the other way.

Odds are very  good that 1700 or so out of state UNH students registering to vote in New Hampshire was not a coincidence, nor was the ‘Bud’ Fitch cookie cutter response to make it all go away.   So it is reasonable to assume that before 2000 and after, college students in New Hampshire, who are legally domiciled outside the state by their own admission, and who were and are still paying out of state tuition, have been trying (even encouraged), and to some degree have succeeded, in stealing the votes of legitimate residents in the Granite State.

UNH is not the only college, nor is Durham the only college town in New Hampshire.  And this is why New Hampshire Democrats have been watering down same day voter registration rules,  domicile or proof of residency rules, object to voter ID, and put in place regulations to limit challenging voters.   They wanted tens of thousands of same day registration voters and all those out of state college students who vote Democrat,  to be able to get on the checklists and then seal your votes for years on end, without leaving any trail of voter fraud bread crumbs that anyone else might be able to follow.  The 2000 election was a close call.  Can’t have any more of that kind of publicity.  The State had a history of ignoring vote fraud for a reason.  They didn’t want to admit they had any.  But it’s been around, in many forms, for a long time.

This is the legacy of vote fraud in New Hampshire, that the New Hampshire Democrat parties complicity in legalizing it for political advantage.  By the time William Hudson Connery III was publicly summoning students domiciled outside the state to vote here, the Democrats had made vote stealing legal.  So Mr. Connery did not commit voter fraud in regards to the law, but only because New Hampshire Democrats had institutionalized vote theft by allowing him to claim to live outside the state but still vote here in New Hampshire.

One other example to bring the point home.  When political activists tried to re-write law so that any student registered to vote in New Hampshire–domiciled here for voting purposes–would receive the benefit of in-state tuition, the university system freaked out, and the collective left rose up to oppose it.

Talk about a revenue problem.  Out of state tuition is a great deal more expensive.  The party and people of equality were more than happy to give out of state students parity for voting purposes to make decisions that would affect how your tax dollars were spent  (because they would overwhelmingly vote Democrat) but not for the cost of an out of state education that would significantly impact the university systems bottom line.  They were still required to pay out of state tuition rates, but hey–no absentee ballots for these out of state students–let them vote here.

Out of state students get caught,  re-write the law so that they still have to pay out of state rates but can claim to live here to steal your votes.  They water down same day registration ID requirements, they make it practically a crime to challenge a voter at the polls, make it almost impossible to track, spot, or report fraud, and refuse to investigate or prosecute it when it happens….and then declare that we don’t have a voter fraud problem.

When you make it legal for out of state students (or any same day registrants) to affect local elections, then remove every barrier set to prevent fraud, you’ll never find any.  Couple that with the desire to perpetuate the myth of no vote fraud by refusing to investigate or prosecute, you make it difficult for opponents to make the case that Democrats and the entrenched bureaucracy support vote theft and voter fraud, but thanks to the words of NH Democrat House candidate William Connery III, and what we know already about 2000, and the path to legalized ballot stuffing–the lefts legislative history on the matter, and don’t forget the ease with which dead people can be used to steal votes, as well as many other examples not mentioned here, we know there is fraud, it favors Democrats, and they will do anything to hide it from you.

Drop outs were eliminated by changing them to “Early-exit Non-Graduates, ” and vote stealing out of state same day registrant college students were re-named “domiciled for voting purposes.”

TEA Party New Hampshire Republicans tried to undo the ballot stuffing damage, and Democrats did everything they could to stop it.  And since New Hampshire Democrats like out of state influence and vote stealing in your local elections, they would happily send us back to the days when that kind voter fraud was legal, if you let them, becasue they benefit from it.


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