Live From the RNC 2012 in Tampa: Second Night, August 29th

by Mike

For Tuesday’s photos, look here: Live from the RNC 2012 in Tampa

5:40pm Tuesday August 28th - Mitt Romney receives a clear majority of delegate votes - Over the Top!

Last night, Mitt Romney secured a clear majority of delegates, Lots of great speakers took the stage (see link above), and Ann Romney wowed the crowd as a warm loving wife and mother, who totally trusts her man to “Fix It”. Gov Chris Christie rounded out the evening with a bang-up speech about telling the truth and getting the tough things done.
And now, your Groksters head back to the Peanut gallery to send you more photos. (Updated – click any picture to enlarge to full screen.)

Presentation of the Colors by Amputee Veterans of America Support Team

Ayla Brown sings the national anthem

Ishwar Singh delivers the invocation in the name of our common god

Ron Paul tribute video with praise from many Tea party senators and congressmen

Opening remarks by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (KY)

Rand Paul said "Obamacare is still unconstitutional", and that Jefferson and Madison would be horrified at the subversion of the constitution today

Bush tribute video: HW and Barbara welcome Lech Walesa

HW, W, and QE2 (the Queen, not the easing) HW:"I took a big risk inviting George to the banquet". W:"I heard something about a black sheep!"

The RNC honors Iraq War Veteran Jeanine McDonnell and Para-Olympian Chris Devon Young

Cathy McMorris-Rodgers sets the theme for the evening, after the first night's "We DID build it", tonight's theme is "We CAN change it".

Pam Bondi and Sam Olens: Two Obamacare-fighting AGs for the price of one!

SD Sen John Thune

Tad True built his pipeline business in Wyoming

Sen Rob Portman tried to be funny and it didn't work: "you may have heard that I was on Gov Romney's short list for VP- Apparently it wasn't short enough!". And that, ladies and gentlemen is why you should be very glad he didn't make the cut. The audience didn't like him either, and started talking during his speech. Picking Ryan over guys like this gives me respect for Romney's judgement.

Steve Cohen built his business in 'OIHO', in spite of Obama

Conservative governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuño, rescued his country from fiscal insanity, and restored job growth

T-Paw was gracious, funny, and obviously happy with Mitt's choice of Paul Ryan. The contrast with Rob Portman's sour grapes was stunning, and the audience loved him

His usual charming and funny self, gov Huckabee was a crowd pleaser.

Secretary of State Condi Rice has a fascinating background and life story. She has truly lived the American dream, and wants to preserve it for future generations

NM Gov, Susana Martinez, is another American dream success story. Her parents started a security firm with almost nothing but determination and hard work

Ryan knocked it out of the park! When Romney asked him to be VP, his response was a crisp 'Let's get this done!'

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