Leave It To Beavers

by Steve MacDonald

The Hayden Reservoir is gone so where did the fish goThe big news today is the disappearance of an entire pond in Hollis, New Hampshire.  The town decided to breach a dam, which drained Hayden Reservoir, becasue it was cheaper than keeping it and paying for the work to meet the sharia-law like standards, tithing, and annual tribute demanded by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental services.

I’m sure the DES is disappointed.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services lives off the money they extort from local municipalities.  Now they will have to go terrorize some other town to replace that potential revenue ‘stream.’  Unless of course they plan to fine Hollis for not replacing the wetland area they just forced them to eliminate under threat of fiscal torture by a bunch of unelected Concord bureaucrats.

That would be rich. Steve Doyon at DES, in regard to concerns about the wildlife impacted by the abrupt absence of their habitat, is reported by the Nashua Telegraph to have said…“You’re just going from one environment to another, organisms will find a way to adjust.”  So no big deal draining a reservoir.  Let New Hampshire’s “most vulnerable” and “less fortunate” wetlands-creatures fend for themselves.   They will, after all, find a way to adjust.

I wonder if those same rules apply to DES employees who have been let go after it is discovered that most of what they do could probably be done with fewer of them, after we have outsourced all of our State environmental policy management to beavers.

“I’m not a beaver, but I’ve worked in this town for 27 years and there’s been beavers in this pond for 27 years,” he said. “At some point, they will be back.”

-Hollis DPW Director Jeff Babel

So we leave it to Beavers?  I say we take this statewide.  All in favor vote “aye!”

That will save the taxpayers millions every year in administrative costs when local towns no longer have to dance widdershins around the “DES compliance” alter, tossing in bundles of local money as a sacrifice to the Enviro-gods.  And think of the savings on payroll and benefits when we drain an entire bureaucracy overnight?

Lets face it, Beavers work cheap.  And I bet that they don’t spend their abundant spare time surfing the internet at taxpayer expense either.


H/T Danielle Curtis – Nashua Telegraph

Update – I changed the post title.  I had to.

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