“It wasn’t THAT bad!”-where Democrat TJ Jean tries to justify Rochester’s costs for Obama’s campaign visit

Heh!  While most of the public input at last night’s Rochester City Council was concerning folks warning the City Council not to sign on, Democrat Mayor TJ Jean spent the first part of the meeting trying to justify the City’s expenses (as in “Wait!  It really wasn’t THAT bad”) when Obama came to town not to HELP the town but simply to collect votes.  I guess he’s been taking a pasting since saying that the City SHOULD pick up the tab because it is an honor when a sitting President comes to your town.  I have video of City residents that I’ll put up later that aren’t too kosher with that idea (Democrat or Republican).

Imagine, the Mayor wants to pay the freight for Obama’s campaigning with taxpayer monies, but RAILS against what Obama’s EPA is about to do to his city.

Cognitive dissonance, for sure…