GrokTV: Rochester City Council Public input on “Sustainable Communities Initiative”- Ken Eyring

GrokTV: Rochester City Council Public input on “Sustainable Communities Initiative”- Ken Eyring

by Skip

Ken’s mission at the Rochester City Council meeting( as it sought Public Input on its signing onto the NH version of the Federal Government’s Sustainable Communities Initiative (“SCI”), also known locally as The Granite State Future Plan) was to start connecting the dots between all of the groups that are pushing, advocating, and agitating for the passage of the Granite State Future Plan (to supplant local control of zoning ordinances with those mandated by the Federal Govt’s HUD, EPA, and DOT).

To wit: the Conservation Law Foundation  (a partner in the Granite State Future Program) also runs the New Great Bay Coalition that is advocating for a new regional water treatment plant (which is going to cost Rochester mega buckeroonies) under the Water Sustainability Commission, whose final report will be incorporated into the Granite State Future Plan (Otherwise known as: a circular taxpayer firing squad hosted by NGOs and bureaucrats!).

Ken related a comment made during one of the Water Sustainability Commissions:

Water and sewer rates are too cheap in the State” and at that point, a few of the Commissioners alluded to the Great Bay sewerage treatment project and chuckled that…

“The residents in those towns in that project would soon learn that  water and sewer is not cheap.”

He also brought up the fact that the Planner for Rochester, Kenn Ortmann, has a conflict; he  is also the Vice Chair of the NH Housing Finance Agency and has a fiduciary responsibility that supersedes that of his responsibility to the City of Rochester. Any further testimony by Ortmann needs to be challenged.

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