Grok at RNC 2012: Monday – The C-SPAN Bus and The NH Delegation

The C-Span bus, a modest but effective rolling showcase

Monday in Tampa was predicted to be stormy, and so the business of the RNC was abbreviated to a pro-forma session.
Monday breakfast was a chance to meet the NH delegates and other guests, and find out what was happening around town. We also got video of a state rep and a candidate, both of whom demonstrated good conservative principles. Meanwhile, the C-Span bus paid a visit to our hotel, and their staff explained how they were on tour collecting “touts” (15 second promotional spots for their candidate), and invited us to look around. We took a peek, because you never know who you’ll find inside…

C-Span showed off some of the technology they are bringing to convention coverage this year

Inside the C-Span bus, National committeewoman, Phyllis Woods explores the toys. What was she looking at? Below...
More of the infographics on display in the bus

A great interactive electoral map: Now showing the Reagan landslide of 1980. We should be so lucky!

C-Span is a non-profit, funded entirely by a few cents from your cable bill. They take no government money, and only justify their presence on your cable by providing content that people want to watch. For example, this bus – In prior campaigns, C-Span, like some of its commercial revivals, had two buses on the go, with slideout sections, and a complete mini-studio inside and satellite dishes attached. Those are horribly expensive, so this campaign, they have a single rolling showcase, complete with an interview lounge, which, in advance of the voting, was being used to collect candidate “touts” from delegates, like this one:

The NH Contingent meets for breakfast on Day 1 of the RNC 2012