Educating With Hassan

Hassan will stand up for unions not education

Maggie “Louisville Slugger” Hassan has a banner ad running over at the Concord Monitor with the pull quote…’I’ll Stand up to anyone who wants to cut Education.’ 

This is a dirty lie.

Any effort to expand education outside that narrow corridor of Democrat political influence will be blocked.  Any existing programs that support education without government directed taxpayer dollars should expect to be cut given the chance.

But Maggie Hassan will stand up…to anyone who tries to educate their kids without public schools staffed by members of the Teachers unions (or outside of pricey private schools for the “fiscally gifted,” that are beyond the reach of all but the very wealthy).  Hassan will stand up to defend statist, top-down, government managed, public education.  She’ll stand up to spend more of your taxpayer dollars on the inefficient state university system.  And like most Democrats she will do anything and everything in her power to protect that government monopoly by cutting into or cutting off any competition.

She needs to keep those taxes growing so that she can launder them through pro-Democrat union educators who then reward her and her party with campaign contributions.

I know this to be true, but to be fair, for the sake of clarity, perhaps someone should ask her that?  Get he on the record.

“Comrade Hassan?  You said you’d stand up to anyone who wants to cut education?  Does that include standing up to defend the scholarship programs that give parents and students choices outside of public education?  Does that include standing up to anyone who wants to make it harder for parents and students to make their own choices about education?

“Can you clarify your definitions of ‘Cut’ and ‘Education’ please?”

I suspect she will dodge the question and fall back on this crap from her campaign page.

As a State Senator, Maggie worked to expand educational opportunity by passing universal kindergarten, raising the dropout age, improving and protecting education funding and investing in our community colleges and university system.

Maggie will work to make New Hampshire’s workforce the best in the country by aligning our education system with the needs of 21st century businesses through coordination with universities, community colleges, vocational and technology colleges and the K-12 system.

All this means is that she defended the teachers unions, the government education monopoly, and the right of the police state to prop up failing public schools with more an more of your money.  And that she intends to continue with the…how shall we phrase this…failed policies of that past; State mandates, higher taxes, fewer choices, mediocre results.

You want to save education?  Do not elect a Democrat to anything.