Are You Better Off or “We are the 56%”

Gallup reports that 56% of Swing State voters do not believe they are better off than they were four years ago, rising from an Obama low of 54% but not yet nearing the Oct/Nov 2011 high of 60%.   A majority of those claiming they are not better off blame Mr. Obama, but not by a lot.  Plenty of blame for both Obama and Bush, with some still only blaming Bush.

So I guess we are the 56%.

better off- Are you better off than 3 years ago?
We are the 56%

Of Course, Mr. Obama claimed he’d fix it.  There are no questions in this poll about the Democrat congress’ economic complicity in the last two years of the Bush presidency.  And Obama is not running on his record of failure…he is just asking for more time.

These results do not give us any strong indication either way of whether the electorate is sympathetic enough to allow for that, but speaking as a voter in a swing state, President Obama’s “solutions” have driven up food prices, kept energy prices high,  and have created so much instability and lack of trust in the economic future of our nation that simply having a job and not having your pay cut has to pass for moving forward.  These are not problems I had under the previous president.

Absorbing those cost increases reduces chews into my buying power and my ability to engage in other forms of commerce,  so I don’t.  I am not alone in this situation, and that will weigh heavily upon voters when they go to the polls in November, even ones unwilling to admit the truth to a pollster.

There is a 16% gap in “are you better offedness (yes I made that up).”  While other factors do not appear to demonstrate this as any guarantee Mr. Romney can win on these terms, they do not help the President, nor should they.   All the reasons Obama gave in 2008 for trying him out apply today with the added weight of promised not kept and everything tried and failed.

And not only are we not better off, all indicators suggest that despite four years of looking forward, all we have to show for it is 5 trillion more in new debt, and a down hill view into an even longer and deeper recession with a Presidential administration that has no clue how to stop that or any desire to do anything but point fingers and hide from their own complicity.