You know, if you’re gonna hold a protest sign…

by Skip

…you ought to:

  • Know what it says
  • Know what it means
  • Know how to explain it
  • And when a guy with a camera asks you about all three, Know that keeping quiet makes you look stupid.

My friend Tony Katz, from AllPatriotsMedia, was riding with the Americans for Prosperity bus tour called “Real Facts. Real Solutions” as they toured Virginia.  Of course, knowing that Tony is a rather ebullient sort of fellow that utterly refuses to take “no” for an answer (and loves sticking sticks into cages), I figured this would be amusing to watch.

It was!

The Virginia Democrat Party has been organizing protestors to follow the Americans For Prosperity”Real Facts. Real Solutions”  Bus Tour. This group of protestors were carrying signs favoring Senate candidate (and former Virginia Governor) Tim Kaine (D), as well as signs about “Big Oil.” One person held a sign that said the Koch Brothers and Senate candidate (and former Virginia Governor) George Allen (R) plan to “gut” social security. When asked about the plan, the protestors didn’t know about it, and didn’t know what to say next.

(H/T: Breitbart)

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