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RightOnline Bloggers share their Independence day postsThe bloggers of RightOnline 2012–sounds like a bad idea for a calendar–took to the internet yesterday to share some thoughts on the 236th anniversary of America’s Declaration of Independence.   And some of those shared  posts with each other.  I thought it would be helpful to compile a few here at GraniteGrok.

Where there was more than on post offered I selected a single article to feature here. This does not necessarily mean it was the best of the lot so I encourage you to browse for these and other excellent observations when you visit.  And feel free to add any or all of these folks to your on-line reading list.

Here are their thoughts or observations in particualr order.

Sibyl West – Ramparts 360

Dear Government – I Declare My Independence

I intend to Declare My Independence From the Federal Government. In earnest, the idea is to claim maximum independence from all government while, as best I can manage, simultaneously defunding the Washington behemoth and its supporters.

 Jenny Erikson – God, Family, Politics, Wine (In that order)

“White Independence Day?” Shut Your Mouth.

For everyone that thinks America sucks, why don’t you leave? Nothing’s stopping you. You could go to China, where they routinely strap pregnant women down and abort their third-trimester fetuses due to their insane one-child policy.


Warner Todd Huston – Publius Form

236 Independence Days and Counting, But What Does it all Mean?

Our Founders did not write a Declaration that only pertained to their situation in their focused point in history. Instead they wrote a document to inspire every people to take up freedom and liberty as their own.


Adam Cahn – Cahnman’s Musings

How Our Founders Suffered Personally  

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence ?


Jason Gillman – Right Michigan

Happy Inde .. uh .. 4th of July.

As a county commissioner, last year I voted with the prevailing side for Grand Traverse County to NOT contribute funds to the local fireworks displays on independence day.  While a couple of those who wanted to do so cried “unpatriotic”, the decision was that we would not use taxpayer funds for the light and noise show so often associated with July 4 activities.


Rick Sincere –  Bearing Drift

Marking Independence Day with Ronald Reagan and John Quincy Adams

“Twenty-six years ago, during the twin celebrations of Independence Day and the re-dedication of the Statue of Liberty on the occasion of its centenary, President Ronald Reagan made a series of speeches about American history and American values.”


Tim Condon – GraniteGrok

Fear and loathing by the federal government: Free people are dangerous and undesirable…

Do you advocate for individual liberty, publicly or privately? Do you revere the U.S. Constitution as a barricade against a federal government metastasized into an enemy of freedom instead of its protector?

John Ruberry – Marathon Pundit

(Video) July 4, 1986: Reagan’s Statue of Liberty centennial speech

The greatest president of my lifetime, Tampico, Illinois-born Ronald Reagan, gave an especially patriotic speech on July 4, 1986, the centennial of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty.


An official RightOnline Blogger

And here are my own two…

It is One Thing to Declare Independence…It is Another Thing Entirely to Have it.

What the left espouses as patriotism would more accurately be defined as Nationalism.  The state and the party before all else.  Not much different than having a king, something we said we didn’t want 236 years ago.

A Patriotic “New Years” Resolution – Resolve To Be Free From Tyranny

We must stand up as States and say that we will not enforce your unconstitutional Federal rules, your mandates, your taxes, or your burdensome regulations, when they run contrary to the will of our people.  We will not let you tell us what is commerce, nor how best we shall engage in it.  We will not allow the darkness of tyranny to envelop us further, nor permit it to intimidate  smother our citizens any longer.

Steve on GAL

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