Democrat Hypocrites And Union Hacks

“Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.” —Francois de La Rochefoucauld

It was an eventful week for city Democrats. This past Sunday, State rep Garrity plead not guilty to assault charges (D) Hillsborough District 14, alleging he assaulted his ex-wife and another at the East Manchester Fish & Game Club (which, I might add, is no more a Fish & Game Club than Hooters).

Also arrested earlier this week was Alderman Ouellette (resigns following sex assault arrest).  No details about this matter have been forthcoming on any level.

So, what do these two city Democrats have in common?  Both are Public employees.  Garrity is a city firefighter and Ouellette a postal worker.  Both are Union guys.  And as far as a statement from the New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair, Raymond “Buckles the Clown” Buckley goes….[insert crickets chirping].

No bluster, blather, or posturing from Ray, and no running to the microphone demanding that they resign. Ah, but that is only reserved for Republicans.  And to be sure, New Hampshire Republicans are pretty quiet too…I am not sure if it is because of their traditional toothlessness or if they are choosing to be fair. No matter.

And they are dissimilar in that Ouellette should step down, yet no calls for Garrity are made on the same notion. It seems to matter little that one is a State Rep and the other was a city Alderman. In their lives outside of politics, both are alleged public servants, so perhaps it is the pervasive notion that we hold  people as  guilty until proven innocent in the public arena. But really…Is it fair? It is what it is…regardless of party, or ideological bent, I find it rather highfalutin’ to ask for a resignation before the verdict is in.

But in the same respect, no calls were made for these guys by their own party. No “Harrell·ian” inane press releases….nothing from Ray….that is the real hypocrisy and hackarama going on here.