Data Point – Fair Share: who DOES pay the income tax?

by Skip

From AEIdeas:

When is fair, well, fair?  Unfortunately, the Democrat Socialists that have their greedy fingers into the tax code are not going to be happy until the marginal tax rate for the top 15% (or lower) rises to 100%.

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  • Nightbat69

    now, is this based on how much they pay in tax based on their yearly salary and ALL other types of income?

  • American

    For decades middle class incomes have fallen, fact.  You obviously have never taken an economics class.  If people do not have money to BUY, then the “job creators” will not hire.  Why would they.  Eight years of just what you want to continue, the Bush tax cuts, did not create ANY new jobs.  The job creators took the money overseas, or put it in hidden off shore accounts so as not to pay little or no taxes.  I won’t even mention the 2 wars we were led into by false reports, and outright lies, that continue to this day.  Sorry had to mention them, somehow they are still important.  The republicans have NO PLAN, none.  Where is there economic plan?  They continue to criticize and blame.  They will continue to tell you that they have the answers and it won’t cost a dime.  The rest of the world has proven that austerity won’t work, yet the republicans continue to say that it will.  Eight years and two unpaid wars, no revenue and Wall Street can continue to do whatever it wants because the republican house refuses to do anything about it.  Its worrisome to me that so many americans continue to watch FOX news, which by the way is not news.  Its labeled entertainment by their own description.  Its truly amazing to me that the answers are so simple and they are not being implemented because the White republican Tea drinking, gun toting racists will do and say anything to make the President look bad.  When that doesn’t work they call him a Socialist, foreign, man who hates America.  Funny that the Socialists in Europe believe in austerity.  Isn’t working there and won’t work here.  They hate African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, and any who think differently than they do.  I’m sure that they will somehow blame Obama for the tragedy in Colorado.  You watch…….I give them until tomorrow morning.  Rascalpa an American who cares about America and ALL of its people. 

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