And the cost to business is not just in taxes. Take a gander at this chart on Federal Business regulations

by Skip

Certainly, taxes can add up to be a VERY significant cost of running a business (I always used to say that for the cost of all the taxes I paid, I could have hired a couple / three more teachers).  I’m not here to state that we should get rid of all government regulations, but my gosh, how about looking at what’s been done and go “this is just too much”!

Free Market Govt Redtape

If any business operated this way, well, they wouldn’t be operating.  This is a perfect example of:

  • When the taxpayers are subsidizing bureaucrats, there is no profit / loss signal to inform them “your procedures suck”.
  • Bureaucrats not understanding that there are multiple left and right hands of theirs in the process
  • And that each one multiples the complexity and cost of what employers must do to comply – a very large cost.

(H/T: The Corner)

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