Toadie? Or bootlicker?

From The Corner:

NPR’s Horsley: By the time the President finished speaking, the rain had stopped, and a little sunshine was peeking through the clouds. That gave David O’Donnell of Portsmouth one more reason to be impressed with Mr. Obama.

Rally Participant O’Donnell: See what his voice does? It clears up the weather, too. It clears up the economy, creates jobs, helps education, and straightens out the weather.

Listen to the full audio here (the relevant portion begins at 3:58).

You know, it’s fairly easy to pick up spoken sarcasm or humor – but there was none from the NPR report nor from Mr. O’Donnell as they were at the NH event for President Obama.

Problem is, there are people that actually believe it’s within his power….


by Skip

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