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National Bloggers’ Day of Silence – Free Speech Under Threat

Free speech is under attack by thuggish left-wing operatives
Graphic by Michelle Malkin

Updated a couple of times during the day as other bloggers have related abuse by this axis of weevils.
Granite Grok Honors National Bloggers’ Day of Silence, and asks you to call your congressman.

There will be no other posts until late in the day, but here are a few sobering facts, and some links on the topic:
Aaron Walker – defended a liberal blogger against “lawfare” by a domestic terrorist, his employer was threatened and he and his wife lost their jobs.
Patrick Frey, AKA Patterico, spoke out against these thugs, and had a SWAT team called on him (spoofed call).
Stacy McCain picked up on this escalating cycle of intimidation and started blogging about the characters and connections – his wife’s employer was threatened, she lost her job, and they were forced to move.
Bigger blogs got involved – Erick Erickson at RedState wrote a piece, and he, too was “SWATted”.
Ali Akbar of National Bloggers Club offered support to intimidated bloggers, and his family was harassed and hacked.
This intimidation will go on until we raise enough ruckus to turn up the heat on the tactics of the left – will YOU wait until there is NO free speech?
Michelle Malkin
Stacy McCain and The American Spectator
Sundries Shack
Kimberlin Cronies attack “Yid with Lid”
Camp of the Saints dissents from silence, and has an update on Ali Akbar.
Ace of Spades HQ has great commentary now the day of silence is coming to a close.
Saxby Chambliss spoke up – will you call YOUR legislator, please?
Texas Rep Kenny Marchant denounces SWATting in stiff letter to Holder