I Could Hardly Be Happier…

by Steve MacDonald

There were only two outcomes from the Supreme Court that would be useful on the Patiend Affordable Care Act.  Complete repeal, or sustaining ObamaCare essentially unchanged.  The Supreme Court chose the latter, more or less.  And this is fine by me.

America hates this bill.  A majority of states hate it.  Independents hate it.  But now it is no longer an if but a when.

The bill has officially become what we were told it never was–a tax on everyone.

Sustaining it will force this bill to do what it was always going to do.  It will put more downward pressure on the economy.  The market will drop.  People will lose investment capital and new investment will not occur.   Businesses will not hire and may even fire.  Insurance rates will continue to rise.  Inflation will hit everyone harder.  People will lose their insurance, and some of them their doctors.  Access will decrease…all becasue of Democrats and their massive stealth tax.

Every lie that the left told to squeeze this into law will come back to haunt them and with very few exceptions anyone who runs for office and does not run on a platform that includes immediate repeal of this economy-crushing bill will lose.  Period.

Let them celebrate.  The Democrat party as you know it…is dead.


And I could not be happier.


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  • Just ’cause I know how they are…  What are the odds someone on the left will take me out of context and declare that I am happy we will have unemployment, no investment etc. ?

    Don’t let them fool you.  This is bad for Democrats.

  • Enaile


    I could not have been more amused that Democrats think this is a win!

    They were all bunched up to ATTACK SCOTUS – and we would have had to defend.

    This election will now focus on a new president appointing real conservatives to the bench.

    Now we get to call the TAX a TAX which is part of what set the Tea Party off in the first place.

    America has just been handed a bill it can not pay. Let me be CLEAR – a bill the middle class can not pay.

    Thank you Obama and the liberal, socialist Democrats who stole the party from Americans

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